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Transfer 2021 – Advice for Parents

1st June 2020


If you wish to obtain the Registration Pack from St. Mary’s CBGS, please contact the Principals PA by emailing Anne-Marie Collins at [email protected]


The Registration Period has been extended until 9th October 2020 to provide plenty of time for you to Register your child to sit the 2020-21 Entrance Assessment.


You can access the Registration Pack by going on to the school website finding a menu tab at the top of the page entitled “Transfer 2021” and accessing the documents that way, or via this link


By asking for the documents to be posted out (making clear if Irish Medium or English Sample Familiarisation materials are required and by making it clear if the Access Arrangements Policy and associated AA1, AA2 and AA3 Forms are required)


By calling into the school to collect the Registration Pack.  If this is your preferred method of acquiring the Registration Pack, please check if the school is open by emailing [email protected]

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