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Safeguarding and Child Protection

The safeguarding and welfare of our pupils is the responsibility of all our staff in St. Mary’s
The rights of the child are enshrined in legislation as well as within our Christian ethos.
Our aim is to protect our pupils by ensuring that everyone who works in our school—teachers and non-teaching staff has clear guidance on safeguarding pupils, where abuse or neglect of a child is suspected.
In our caring environment the pupils must feel safe and supported. However, no promise of confidentiality can be given where abuse is alleged.

Our school policy on Safeguarding and Child Protection can be viewed here

Our Safeguarding Team

Designated Teacher for Child Protection and Pastoral VP: Mrs Fiona Crookes

Deputy Designated Teachers for Child Protection: Mrs Amanda Barr

Heads of School

Head of School Key Stage 3: Mrs Michaela Lewis
Head of School Key Stage 4: Mr Raymond Herron
Head of Senior School: Mr Mark Robinson

Year Heads

Year 8: Dr Eileen McCaffrey
Year 9: Miss Daghra Murphy
Year 10: Mr Brendan McComb
Year 11: Mr Sean Moyes
Year 12: Mr Tony Austin
Year 13: Miss Oonagh Convery
Year 14: Dr Karen RobinsonMiss Oonagh Convery