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The Mathematics Department in St Mary’s comprises a dedicated and caring team of teachers who aim to develop, maintain and stimulate our pupils’ interest, curiosity and enjoyment in mathematics.

We provide opportunities for pupils to use their mathematical skills creatively through problem solving and investigations in real life contexts.

Mathematical training disciplines the mind, develops logical and critical reasoning, and develops analytical and problem solving skills.

The Mathematics Department aims to bring the best out of all students, irrespective of their level of ability, and give them the confidence to use the mathematical skills that they have acquired.

Teaching Staff

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Mr N Smith

Head of Department

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Mr A Smyth


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Miss O Convery

Senior Teacher

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Mr G O’Connor


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Mr M Leydon

Assistant Head of Department

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Mr P Gormley


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Mrs C McCabe


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Mrs C Logan


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Course Curriculum

Course Outline

In each year of Key Stage 3, classes should complete the Core material and when appropriate pupils should extend into the foregoing extension material.

Term 1: Number and Algebra

Term 2: Shape, Space and Measure

Term 3: Handling Data


Key Points To Success:


If you are studying Mathematics at any level, then these websites are a must visit! They are jammed packed full of help, resources and examples, and best of all everything is very clearly arranged and levelled so you are sure to find just the help you need.


Rainforest Maths

Aimed at: Key Stages 3 & 4

If you are in Years 8 to 10, or you are doing the Foundation paper at GCSE, then have a look at this excellent Australian website. It has lots of interactive notes and activities for you to practise your maths and sort any problems out.


BBC BiteSize

Aimed at: All Key Stages

They say the old ones are the best, and this is still probably the best one-stop place to call in for notes, examples, interactive solutions and questions for you to have a go at yourself. Each question has its level next to it, and you can even download a big revision check-list to make sure you there will be no nasty surprises in the exam. What more could you want in a website?



Aimed at: Key stages 3 and 4

Lots of topics in the Revision section, and in the Test Yourself bit you can tackle the following topics – Function Machines, Number Properties, Pythagoras, and Quadratics. The questions are of an interactive nature, and are extremely well laid out. There are also some good games, for when you have earned a break from revision.



InteractiveMaths Puzzles

Aimed at: Key Stages 3

Quite a few decent puzzles covering a wide range of topics. Many puzzles rely on the use of “matching things”. Good for a quick revision of topics, and it shouldn’t give you too much of a headache.



Aimed at: Key Stages 3 and 4

A collection of some of the best and most original maths games around. The website even keeps a record of your progress, and the longer you play, the more you learn.


CCEA have also recommended the following links:




There are many maths apps and games out there. Some of them ask you to do lots of calculations and encourage you to do them fast, which we know can be damaging. Here are highly recommended maths apps and games that teach math visually and conceptually.


  • Refraction

Refraction focuses on teaching fractions and discovering optimal learning pathways for math education. Refraction lets you bend, split, and redirect lasers to power spaceships filled with lost animals! Help free as many animals as you can by expanding your knowledge of fractions.



  • Mathbreakers

This lets you play with math while exploring a 3-D virtual world, filled with number creatures and mathematical machines. It also helps the development of number sense conceptually.


Link to App Website:


  • Wuzzit Trouble

In this app you have to release the creature from jail by turning the gears. It helps you develop number flexibility by using addition, subtraction, factors, multiplication, and othermathematical concepts.

Link to App Website:


  • Dragon Box

Dragon Box teaches you algebra through visuals. You solve for x and have fun doing it. It really encourages algebraic thinking.

Link to App Website:


  • Motion Math

Motion Math has several mini-games that explore number sense, fractions and other mathematical concepts through visual representations, you can really see the math ideas!

Link to App Website:

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