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Computing & Digital Technology

Welcome to the Computing and Digital Technology Department!

This page provides details on our Computing courses at GCSE and A-Level.


The Computing Department aims to encourage students to become independent and discerning users of Digital Technology who can make informed decisions about its use and are aware of its implications for individuals, organisations and society.

Teaching Staff

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Miss O Convery

Senior Teacher

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Mr M Leydon

Assistant Head of Department

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Course Curriculum

Course Outline

Computer systems

1 and a half hour written paper (no calculators allowed)

50% of total GCSE

Computational thinking, algorithms and programming

1 and a half hour written paper (no calculators allowed)

50% of total GCSE


The Scheme of Assessment consists of:

  1. Homework usually one per week
  2. Three Assessment Tests over Year 11 and two over Year 12
  3. Controlled Assessment Task for Year 12 (Sent to OCR board but contributes nothing to overall grade)


Candidates will be expected to produce a report which will then be assessed under the four headings:

  • Practical activity;
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of the solution;
  • Technical understanding;

The solutions must be tested at each stage to ensure they solve the stated problem using a suitable test plan with appropriate test data. Candidates will need to create suitable algorithms which will provide a solution to the stated problem then code their solutions in a suitable programming language. The code must be suitably annotated to describe the process.
Test results should be annotated to show how these relate to the code, the test plan and the original problem.

Study/Homework Requirements:

Controlled Assessment will be done in class time with some research work being carried out at home.

Generally there will be one homework per week, not necessarily written.

Use of internet and newspapers to research new developments in Computer Science.

Key Points To Success:

  • Keeping to all deadlines;
  • Reading and watching for changes in Computing;
  • Asking questions;
  • A computer at home is helpful but not essential.

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