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Student Council

 ‘Student Council is a group of highly motivated students who strive to better the school through exemplary leadership and dedication to improve our school’s environment. It is a year-long commitment that requires involvement in and out of school. This includes, but is not limited to: contributing to and attending ALL Student Council sponsored events, active class participation, and a good attitude. Active Student Council members must promote responsible and respectful behaviour in and out of the classroom and must be willing to learn, grow and develop as a leader throughout the year. Interested students should be motivated, willing and dedicated to the betterment of the school and the opportunity to serve as a school leader.’

The Student Council gives students the opportunity to:

  • Represent the students in each form class and year group
  • Present the issues and concerns of classmates to a whole-school forum
  • Put forward ideas to improve students’ experience at St. Mary’s
  • Organise events to promote St. Mary’s
  • Work along with the Parents’ Association in helping at school events
  • Organise events to promote the House System within each form class and year group

Student Councillors must complete an application form and return this to their form teacher.

The form teacher then selects a student based on the application form to represent the form class in the year group sub-council.

The Head of Year selects one of the Year Group councillors to represent the year group and sit on the Whole School Student Council.

The whole process is based on application and selection, not election.

St. Mary’s belongs to all of us.

Have your voice heard and make it even better for everyone.


YEAR 8 – Ben Moran                                                                    YEAR 13 – Alen Shaiju
YEAR 9 – Sean Martin Earley                                                      YEAR 14 – Patrick Harley-Moyes (Head Boy)
YEAR 10 – Thomas Brennan                                                       YEAR 14 – Marcus Norney
YEAR 11 – Michael Marlowe                                                       YEAR 14 – Eoin Millar
YEAR 12 – Mario Woods