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Attendance and Punctuality

A Word from the Principal on Attendance

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Department of Education monitors closely the attendance level of every school and St Mary’s works closely with the Education Welfare Service to intervene with and support students whose attendance has dropped to a level which is of concern.

Whilst we understand that there are times when absence from school is unavoidable, I would remind you that you are best serving your son by sending him to school daily.  This regular attendance will not only prepare him for the world of work but, most importantly, will ensure that he receives the education he needs to achieve his true potential in life.

One of our school’s guiding principles is that we work together to create a partnership between home and school.  As a parent you, more than anyone, want the best for your son.  We want to work alongside you and will support your son if he has genuine issues which prevent him from attending daily.  We need your help to ensure consistent attendance, thus avoiding a cycle of casual absence that might impact upon his long-term academic success. 

Impact of poor attitude to school attendance                                                                                 

Correlation between absence and attainment at KS4

In this area of our website, you will find some useful information about attendance which I hope you will consider.  Greater effort with punctuality and attendance will greatly improve your son’s chance of academic success! Your son’s Form Teacher and Head of Year are always happy to help and support your efforts to ensure his best possible attendance.

Mrs Siobhán Kelly



Good attendance is essential for your son to achieve his potential at St Mary’s. If he is not in school, his learning is not progressing.

Obviously, a pupil may be ill during the course of the year. If this happens, please contact the school office on the morning of absence. In addition, your son should bring a note from you to explain his absence on the first day of his return to school.


Attending school on time is important. Pupils are expected to be outside their form room at 8.55am as registration is taken at 9am. Ensuring your son gets up early and leaves plenty of time for his journey to school, means he will arrive at school promptly and his day will start positively.