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Media Studies

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Course Curriculum

Course Outline

The course offers opportunities for students to develop a range of film skills. The coursework component involves academic written work but the 60% coursework marks are awarded for practical film making tasks.

Coursework – 60%                           

Written Examinations – 40%


Component 1: Critical Response to Moving Image Products

Students will learn how to critically analyse film and animation. They will develop knowledge and understanding of film language, genre conventions and visual style. This will be assessed by means of an online examination. The exam will include a variety of different types of stimulus, including previously unseen film clips, sound clips, film stills and script excerpts. The exam is externally set and marked.

Component 2: Acquisition of Skills in Moving Image Production

This component aims to develop the student’s film making skills in five key areas. These are:

  • Storyboarding
  • Camera Work
  • Editing
  • Post production Sound
  • Stop-Motion Animation.

Component 3: Planning and Making a Moving Image Product

Students will produce their own moving image product (either a live action film or an animation).  This unit takes the form of an externally set assignment (ESA).


Controlled Assessment is a large factor in this specification, 60% of the total GCSE.

Students complete four tasks from an annually released stimulus booklet provided by CCEA. This element is worth 20% of the total GCSE and includes a storyboarding task, a camera and editing task, a postproduction sound task and an animation task.

The controlled assessment awards 4-%  to pupils for producing a complete live action or animated film and research portfolio based on a genre specific stimulus provided by CCEA.

Study/Homework Requirements:

Students are expected to work and study continuously throughout the two years.

The study of film language provides the vocabulary, focus and enabling factors for personal development in terms of enquiry, expression, communication, awareness and perception of the moving image.

Understanding of the craft of the moving image will be developed through a study of the different technical roles and work practices involved in moving image production (director, cinematographer, editor, art director, set designer, etc).

Key Points To Success:

Students must be focused and hardworking in order to achieve. They must develop creative and critical abilities, through hands-on learning in the craft of moving image arts. The subject is anchored in the student’s creation of their own moving image art works. Exploring the rich and diverse heritage of the moving image and its relationship with other art forms and disciplines, should inform and inspire the student’s work. Team work is essential in the practical and technical skills required.

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