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Fearadh na Fáilte go Roinn na Gaeilge!

The Irish Department in St Mary’s is a thriving and highly successful Modern Language Department. The study of Irish is offered to all students from Years 8 to 14 through an interactive, stimulating and challenging programme of language, literature and culture. Formal learning is complemented by a range of extracurricular activities which promote the enjoyment and application of the language.

Pupils are entered for Feiseanna, quizzes, debates and Gaeltacht scholarship competitions on a regular basis and it is the Department’s aim to encourage students to develop a love for and pride in the culture and language. Students are also encouraged to use Irish as a means of communication as often as possible and to visit the Gaeltacht.

Teaching Staff

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Mr C Flynn

Head of Department

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Mr R Herron

Senior Teacher

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Mrs M Farag


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Course Curriculum

Course Outline

The Key Stage 3 course is designed to introduce pupils to Irish and to develop their skills of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing in the language. The emphasis, especially in the first term, will be very much on Listening and Speaking.

Topics include: Greetings, Myself, My Family & Friends, The Weather, School, Time, Days, Months, Seasons, Pastimes, House, Shopping, Food & Drink, Health, Parts of the Body, Environment, Occupations, Holidays, An Ghaeltacht.

The Silver Fáinne is awarding during Year 10 to pupils who show proficiency in the Speaking elements of course to that point.


There will be an assessment in each of the four skill areas – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing on completion of each of the 6 units of study. Pupils’ work is regularly assessed on an informal basis, through frequent questioning, the monitoring of the quality of their homework and classwork, and also using peer-assessment and self-evaluation. The summer exam will be a cumulative assessment of the year’s work.

Study/Homework Requirements:

Homework can be a written or learning – at least one per week – and it would be of considerable benefit to your son if you could encourage him to practise what he has learned for 5-10 minutes every night. He will have a book for vocabulary and homework and it is important to check these regularly, sign written homework and encourage good presentation.

Key Points To Success:

A willingness and enthusiasm to become involved in class activities is essential. Pupils will be asked to learn a great deal of vocabulary and everyday phrases and this will require regular and frequent revision and practice.

It is of great importance that your son enjoys and feels confident in learning Irish, so he should be encouraged at all times to be thorough in his work and not to hesitate to ask questions in class if the need arises.

Attendance at a Gaeltacht course in the summer, while not at all compulsory, is a proven road to success in learning Irish.

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