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St Mary’s prides itself on delivering a holistic education in the Edmund Rice tradition, and contributing to development of the young men who go on to contribute in their own unique way to local and global society.

Our network of past-pupils continue to be involved in the vibrant life of St Mary’s and we welcome each and every involvement.

You are most welcome to join in the wider school community and learn more about St Mary’s today.

You may wish to assist in the events such as Careers Events and Motivational Speakers.

We are interested to hear how your career has developed since you left St Mary’s.  Please get in touch and update us with any information that you would like to share.

We run many events throughout the year which are great opportunities to reconnect and stay in touch.

Keep an eye on our website and Social Media and complete the registration form and you’ll get regular updates with news and opportunities for you to get involved in upcoming events and reunions.

If you are one of our many Alumni who live abroad and would like assistance organising an event, please get in touch with the school for guidance and support.