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World Pi Day – 14th March (3.14)

15th March 2024

World Pi Day – 14th March (3.14)

Each year, the 14th of March is celebrated in the World of Mathematics as it is World Pi Day. Our Mathematics department here in St. Mary’s celebrated World Pi day with our Junior classes, where the pupils undertook a number of challenges and investigations which led to the discovery of Pi. Many pupils worked out that, for any circle, Pi is the ratio of the circumference to its diameter (or 3.1415926…).

We also set our Year 8 and 9 pupils with a challenge to memorise Pi to as many decimal places as possible. This year, both Years 8 and 9 set two new school records. Adam in 8D2 is our new Year 8 record holder as he memorised Pi to a phenomenal 56 decimal places. In Year 9, Jaiden from 9A1 is our record breaker, after memorising Pi to an astonishing 100 decimal places. Both boys will be celebrated in upcoming assemblies.

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Raymond Herron
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