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Raymond Herron

24th June 2021

EU Settlement Scheme As you may be aware, the EU Settlement Scheme was established by the British Home Office as[…]

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Family Works School Counselling: Summer Arrangements

Family Works School Counselling: Summer Arrangements The school counselling service will continue to operate between June 28th to July 14th[…]

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23rd June 2021

Year 14 Leavers C2K accounts for current year 14 students will be disabled on 31st July.       If you have any[…]

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21st June 2021
Obituary – Mark Hamill

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18th June 2021
ECO CLUB Community Environment Awards

In December, the Eco Club won an award in the West Belfast Partnership Board Community Environment Awards. This award, sponsored[…]

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14th June 2021
Vaping Dangers – Letter to Schools

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8th June 2021
Free School Meal Entitlements

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28th May 2021
Statutory Assessment Update from EA: May 2021

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Translink Facemask Competition

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27th May 2021
Free School Meals Applicants

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