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Guinness World Record Breakers!

12th September 2017

Our school has hurled itself into the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD BOOKS after 600 pupils took part in the “world’s largest hurling lesson“.

The record attempt by is the first of its kind.

The boys who took part in the successful attempt ranged from first year pupils who have just started at the school, to A level students.

To achieve this record almost 600 pupils participated in the same hurling lesson for a minimum of 30 minutes under the watchful eye of stewards and an adjudicator from Guinness World Records.

The criteria for success were very strict and anyone judged not to be fully participating in the session could be disqualified, with the adjudicator stating that the minimum number of students required was 250, and that only 10 per cent of the total number could be disqualified for the record to be set.

There were celebrations as the official announced that 577 out of 584 pupils counted had “fully participated”, meaning the school had set the record, before a framed certificate of the achievement was presented to principal John Martin.

He said the unusual lesson had created great excitement in the school.

“I would believe that if anywhere in Ulster is to break this record, this is the best place. Hurling is part of the DNA of St Mary’s. It has created a real buzz amongst the boys. This is something to tell your children and grandchildren about – it’s not every day that you set a Guinness World Record.”

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