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Transfer Test Documents

10th May 2019

Transfer Test (GL Assessment) for admission to Year 8 in September 2020

Key documentation is available below

The Post-Primary Transfer Consortium also provides further information and Frequently Asked Questions.

 Document List

1. PPTC Registration Pack List & Timetable 2019-20

2a. PPTC Entrance Assessment Registration Form 2019-20

2b. PPTC Entrance Assessment Registration Form – Guidance Notes 2019-20

3. PPTC Specification of the Entrance Assessment 2019-20

4a. PPTC Policy on Access Arrangements 2019-20

4b. PPTC Access Arrangements Form AA1 2019-20

4c. PPTC Access Arrangements Form AA2 2019-20 (Medical Information)

4d. PPTC Access Arrangements Form AA3 2019-20 (Special Educational Needs)

5. PPTC FAQs 2019-20

6a. PPTC Sample Familiarisation English Assessment Booklet

6b. PPTC Sample English QRA

7a. PPTC Sample Familiarisation Mathematics Assessment Booklet

7b. PPTC Sample Maths QRA

The corresponding documentation for the Gaeilge and Gaeilge Mathematics papers will be available in the coming days and will be posted immediately.

Familiarisation Session – A familiarisation event will take place in the school on Friday 15th November 2019, which is the day before the transfer test. This will allow the P7 pupils to visit the school and see the classrooms in which they will sit the test the next day. A letter will be sent to all parents/guardians in October to confirm the arrangements for this event.

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