The Eco Club boys in St. Mary’s have been hard at work preparing their entries for this year’s YRE (Young Reporters for the Environment) Competition run by Eco Schools & Wrigley’s. They have created three video entries.

Entry one is a solo effort by Daniel O’Hare from 9C on the issue of litter in the countryside. Daniel made his film over the mid term break.


Entry two is by the year eight members and is about the litter issue on the Glen road. This focuses on our litter pick & the work of Belfast City Council.

Entry three is by the year 8, 9 & 10 pupils and is about the issue of single use plastic in St. George’s Market in Belfast. This focuses on a survey about single use plastic in the market & what has been done to tackle the issue.

Please take a few minutes to watch each entry as the number of views the videos receive is counted as part of their entry.

Many thanks to Belfast City Council, Mrs Farag and Mrs Carron & the  MIA department in St. Mary’s for all their help & support making these videos.

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