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CCEA has published details of the post-results service for Summer 2021. All information can be accessed via the following link:

JCQ Appeals information can be found via the following link to their dedicated webpage for Summer 2021:

Procedures are similar to those for CCEA.

Results will be distributed to pupils on:

AS/A2      Tuesday 10th August 2021
GCSE         Thursday 12th August 2021

Senior Staff, our Careers Adviser and Examinations Officer will be available to support our pupils.


• Pupils should read the Student and Parent Guide carefully before making a decision about whether or not to use the CCEA Post-Results Service.
• A copy of the St Mary’s Centre Determined Grades Policy can be downloaded from the ‘Alternative Awarding Arrangements 2021’ page on the school’s website.
GRADES MAY GO UP, GO DOWN OR STAY THE SAME. (Please be aware that this is different to last year’s procedures where grades could not go down after appeals).
Pupils MUST adhere to the dates outlined in the Post-Results Service Policy for St Mary’s Christian Brothers’ Grammar School.

There are two stages.

Stage 1 is a Centre Review

At Stage 1, you can request a Centre Review because you believe there has been an administrative error or the school has not followed its procedure.

• Pupils must submit a request directly to the school having completed the appropriate form:
Forms MUST BE submitted IN PERSON to the school office for the attention of the Examinations Officer. Please complete the form in full so that your request can be processed.

A2 Centre Reviews will take priority and requests for these should be submitted by 12th August.

You will be notified of the outcome of the Centre Review.



Stage 2 is an Appeal to CCEA Awarding Organisation

If you are unhappy with the outcome of the Centre Review of wish to request an appeal based on unreasonable academic judgement, you can request a Stage 2 Appeal.

• You can only move to Stage 2 after the completion of a Stage 1 Centre Review.
• You will need to complete the second part of the Post-Results Submission Form in full.
• Please read the information on the Stage 2 process as outlined in the Student and Parent Guide and the section on ‘What is unreasonable academic judgement?’ carefully before completing the appropriate section of the form.
• JCQ will publish a Student Guide on their Summer 2021 page prior to the results day:
You must submit this completed form IN PERSON so that the school can forward your request to CCEA/other Awarding Organisation.

A2 Stage 2 requests MUST be submitted to the school office for the attention of the Examinations Officer by 3.15pm on Monday 16th August.

All other requests for a Stage 2 Appeal must be submitted to the school office for the attention of the Examinations Officer by 3.15pm on Monday 3rd September.

The documents below should be read carefully as they detail the steps to be followed in the event of submitting an appeal. The ‘Post-Results Service Submission Form’ should be completed in full BY THE STUDENT for CCEA awards and submitted to the school office in person. Links are provided above for the JCQ submission form which should be used for any other examination awarding body.