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2023 Entrance Assessment Website Launch

6th October 2022

 For parents of P6 children, their teachers and others.

Details of the 2023 Entrance Assessment are available from Thursday 6th October 2022 at

  • You are encouraged to browse through, so that you can become familiar, through using the website, with the information we are providing and with our new SEAG logo.
  • P6 parents and teachers should find the “Guidance for Parents” section to be particularly helpful in providing specific detail about the 2023 Entrance Assessment, including the Specification, Format, answers to 20 FAQs etc.
  • We will, obviously, update the content regularly providing further detail, for example in relation to Registration, Outcomes etc., as we move through 2022-23 and closer to the period when parents will register their children to sit the 2023 Entrance Assessment.
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Raymond Herron
Senior Teacher
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