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GCSE Science Practicals

27th February 2023

Dear Parents,

This letter is regarding your sons upcoming practical exams in science.
Your son is required to do an official CCEA practical examination which is worth 7.5% of his overall grade.
• For Single Award pupils they will do one practical (date to be finalised).
• For Double Award Science pupils will do an exam for each discipline.
These will be carried out during class time and will be running from the 6th of March

In some instances the practical will run over break time. Those pupils will be provided with time at the end of the practical for break.
These are official CCEA examinations and pupils will be expected to follow examination rules or they will be excluded from completing he practical with their class.

It is important that your son is in school on the day of these exams.
Once the practical exam is complete pupils will return to class as normal and will not be permitted to go home.

Mr S. Kelly
Head of Science

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Head of Department
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