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4th December 2019

Science Revision Tips for the Christmas exams and how parents can help!!!


The key to any of the revision your son completes is to TEST WHAT HE HAS LEARNED!!!


Step 1- have I got what I need???

Make sure all your notes are up to date!!!


Step 2- Have I summarised the key points???

Ensure super summaries and key words are completed for all topics so far!!!


Step 3- how do I know if I can remember it all??

  • Complete the recall questions from your booklets.
  • Try them with your notes so you have the correct answers then try them again without your notes to see which ones you can still answer.
  • Write the key words out for the topics and try to write the definitions
  • For GCSE you can also re try any past paper questions and download past papers from the CCEA website.



  • Get your son to give you the key words and definitions and test him on them by either reading the definition and asking him to tell you the word.
  • Or read him a word and get him to call out the definition.
  • Get your son to give you the answers to the recall questions and test him again with them or give him a blank page to write the answers down.
  • Give your son a blank page and set him a time limit to write down all that he can remember about a topic from the list below.



Again the key to it all is to TEST WHAT YOU REMEMBER. Super summaries are no good if you cannot remember the information on them!!!




Topics on the Christmas tests

Key Stage 3-

  • Year 8s will be tested only on their Chemistry booklet
  • Year 9s will only be tested on their Biology booklet
  • Year 10s will only be tested on their Physics booklet


Key stage 4

Pupils will be tested on the following

Year 11

  • Double Award Biology- Cells/breathing/Respiration/Digestion/Food and energy and enzymes
  • Double Award Chemistry- Periodic table/atomic structure/Bonding (ionic and covalent)
  • Double Award Physics- Atomic and Nuclear physics/motion
  • Single Award Chemistry- Hazard symbols, solids, liquids & gases, changes of state, pH & universal indicator, separation techniques apparatus diagrams, periodic table, reaction of alkali metals with water, Mendeleev’s periodic table differences, covalent bonding 


Year 12

  • Double Award Biology- Circulatory system/osmosis and plant transport/ genetics
  • Double Award Chemistry- Metals and the reactivity series/redox, rusting and iron/ rates of reaction/ equilibrium
  • Double Award Physics- Electricity/ waves properties








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