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Student Council 2021

1st October 2021


Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to the Whole School Student Council for this year.

YEAR 8 – Ben Moran                                                         YEAR 13 – Alen Shaiju
YEAR 9 – Sean Martin Earley                                            YEAR 14 – Patrick Harley-Moyes (Head Boy)
YEAR 10 – Thomas Brennan                                             YEAR 14 – Marcus Norney
YEAR 11 – Michael Marlowe                                             YEAR 14 – Eoin Millar
YEAR 12 – Mario Woods

The boys submitted successful written applications to the post of form class councillor and were subsequently selected by their Head of Year to represent their Year Group on the Whole School Council.

The Student Council gives students the opportunity to voice the opinions of their peers regarding school life, and to contribute to the many events that take place in the school throughout the year.

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Raymond Herron
Senior Teacher
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