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School will be closed today, Friday 8th December due to the snow

Dear Parent / Guardian

We welcome nominations beginning on 4th December 2017 for the election of a Parent Governor to serve on the Board of Governors for the four-year period 2018-2022.

Please contact the Principal’s secretary for a nomination form. If you are nominating a parent your form must be returned to the school by 4.00 pm on Monday 8th January 2018

The Parent Governor is elected by parents of pupils attending the school at the time of the election from amongst the parents of such pupils. The relevant legislation defines the term ‘parent’ as including a guardian and every person who has the actual custody of the pupil.

An elected Parent Governor remains in office for the 4 year term even if they cease to be a parent of a child attending the school.

Each eligible parent is entitled to nominate candidates, to vote and to stand for election. Participation is not restricted to one parent per family.

Only persons who are eligible to vote may propose and second nominations.

The election of our Parent Governor will take place by secret ballot in the school Assembly Hall on Friday 19th January 2018.  Voting times are as follows: 9.30 am – 11.30 am and 1.15 pm – 3.15 pm.


Ballot papers and information on the candidate(s) will be available at the meeting. Postal or proxy votes will not be acceptable.

Voting will be by proof of identity as a parent of a student in St Mary’s.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support for St Mary’s.

Yours faithfully

John Martin

Principal and Clerk of the Election

Christmas exams


Christmas exam timetables can be downloaded via the link below.




More information will follow regarding buses and attendance during the exam period.








The Homeless shoebox appeal has been going well but we do need some more items to be brought in before Thursday of this week.

Tomorrow evening, members of our Social Justice Advocacy Group will be present outside the entrance to Sainsbury's in the Kennedy Centre from 6.30pm unitl 9.30pm to collect items needed and to talk to the public about our drive.

At 12.30pm on Friday, the boys will serve a hot Turkey and Ham dinner to 40 homeless men from a number of hostels at a location in Belfast City Centre. It is at this event that the boys will present each homeless person with the gift of a wrapped shoebox with some essentials and treats to help them over the coming days and weeks.

This is a whole school community initiative and the generosity of our students and their families has been great.

We are also looking for a donation of 10 apple tarts and 10 cartons of custard for dessert for the meal.

We would ask that the following items can be dropped off at the school or indeed at our table in the Kennedy Centre tomorrow night.

Shower Gel




Roll-on deodorant (no aerosols)


Bar of chocolate

Packet of biscuits

Empty shoe-box


Many thanks to all who have contributed.



Dear Parent,

please find below a message from C2K with instructions on how to download your free Microsoft Office for home use.


With Black Friday and Christmas on the horizon staff and students (or parents for students) may be planning  to purchase new personal devices including tablets. 

To avoid the unnecessary purchase of MS Office please remind staff, pupils and guardians that there is no need to purchase MS Office as it  available free with a C2k username on up to 5 personal devices in 4 easy steps

Enter C2k username in the format  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
At the next box enter (i) your C2k username auser123 and (ii) password
Download the version of MS Office you require

On Friday 1st December, the students from the Social Justice Advocacy Group will be providing a cooked meal for 40 homeless people at a location in the city centre.

This is a huge undertaking by the students but an action which the boys feel very strongly about achieving.

As part of this action, we would like to prepare a shoebox gift to give to each of the homeless individuals for whom we will be cooking the meal.

For this, we ask our school community to help us with a few things and help with donations of one of the items below:

1. A shoebox
2. Roll on deodorant
3. Warm gloves
4. A warm hat
5. Warm socks
6. A warm scarf
7. A tooth brush
8 Toothpaste
9. Bar of chocolate
10. Packet of biscuits

If you can purchase one of those items and leave it into the school office it would be much appreciated. Our Social Justice Group will compile the boxes and wrap them nicely for presentation to those in need at the hot lunch on the 1st December.

It is hoped to have an evening in the Kennedy Centre where contributions can be purchased and dropped off and more details will be posted here when available.

Many thanks in advance for your contribution to helping the homeless in our society. 


There will be a meeting of the Student Council on Monday 20th November during the Form Period.

Council Reps are asked to go to Q11 before the end of break so they can be brought to the new meeting venue.

The meeting will include the new uniform addition for student council reps and consent forms for the upcoming student council reward trip.

There will be a meeting of the Social Justice Advocacy Group on Monday 20th November at 3.15pm in Q11.

The meeting is to plan for our actions over the coming weeks and to launch our homeless hot lunch and shoe box appeal.

The meeting will last 30 minutes and any new students interested are asked to come along.