Social Justice

Activity: SVP Youth Group

Teachers In Charge: M. Farag and T.McCaughey

Pupils Involved: 36 pupils in year 13 and 14

Highlights 2014-15:

Weekly Meeting every Wednesday at 1pm.
Weekly preparation for year 8 Help Club every Mon 3.15pm

  • Sponsored Walk in aid of Food Hamper Appeal - Oct 2014
  • Extra Help in English and Maths for struggling year 8 students - Weekly, Oct until May
  • Catholics Caring Toy Appeal launched and promoted - Nov 2014
  • Food Hamper Collection launched and promoted - Dec 2014
  • Food Hamper packing and distribution at Turf Lodge - Dec 2014
  • Annual SVP Youth Conference at Cookstown - Feb 2015
  • Sponsored walk in aid of Breakfast Club at Turf Lodge - March 2015
  • Year8 FIFA Xbox tournament planned and completed for SVP funds - April 2015
  • SVP Notice Board updated and renewed monthly - Sept-June
  • Issues of social justice highlighted and discussed during meetings - Sept-June


Development Plans for 2015-16:

  • Continue all current activities already being undertaken.
  • Maintain suitable numbers of volunteers among Senior pupils.
  • Increase awareness of the charity within school population and beyond.
  • Publish events and activities on school face book and website as they occur.
  • Continue and improve the remedial help being offered to Junior pupils.
  • Investigate further opportunities for volunteering in the local community with breakfast club and afterschool club at Turf lodge.
  • Encourage interest among the group in new developments initiated by the SVP Youth Officer.
  • Launch the new youth outreach programme being developed at SVP HQ on Antrim Rd.


Overall Comment:

We have been delighted with the response of the Senior School to the invitation to join the Youth SVP this year already.

We have 51 committed members signed up and attending weekly meetings.
The first event of the year, the sponsored walk was very well attended and has raised approx £700 to date for the SVP appeal for relief of refugees encamped in Turkey.

We are also currently arranging afterschool help for year 8 pupils being identified as struggling in English and Maths.
As always the group enjoys excellent support from staff and pupils throughout the school, without which we could not do the work we do for the less fortunate in our local community.