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Edmund Rice Founder’s Day 2017

5th May 2017

After the EREBB Congress, the Advocacy Focus group has been looking for ways to work together and in harmony to bring awareness to the network and to the focus that EREBB has on advocacy in our various contexts.

ERA (Edmund Rice Advocacy) for Change: This is an advocacy-focused group that gives students in Australia a voice and an avenue for advocating for social change. Past projects have supported refugees, asylum seekers, the homeless, women and children affected by domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, climate change….

The Advocacy Focus Group is suggesting that as it is an already-established name, domain and movement, that joining our voices together will boost the profile and expand the influence of those in the network advocating for a more compassionate response to issues in different contexts.

The main idea is that Jesus is challenged in the Gospel of Luke to identify ‘Who is my neighbour?’ Our idea is not that we look for neighbours who will befriend us but that we are willing to out ourselves in the way of others so that they can recognize that we are people who are willing to extend the hand of friendship to those in need.

STARTING ON MAY 5, 2017 – Founder’s Day: We are suggesting that students, staff and collaborators in the Edmund Rice Network change your profile picture on social media, email, school … wherever you use a profile picture – to one of the ‘hands’ that say ‘I am your neighbour’ in a language of your choosing and use the hashtags:

#erebb #eraforchange #iamyourneighbour

It is important to use the hashtags as they are what will ‘trend’ and thus get attention the more people use them.

Each context will have different issues that are important and that need attention. We are hoping to continue the trend for about a month.

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