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Cupcake Event

6th June 2016

A Father and son cookery night event was held in the kitchen of S24 on Wednesday 1st June 2016 organised by the school Parents, Teachers and Friends Association. PTFA.

We had a large number of applicants for the class and ten boys and their fathers were chosen by lottery. As luck would have it, one father, Emmanuel Conway is a chef and had signed up for the class with his son Darragh, so he agreed to demonstrate the skills of cake making and decoration.

The evening was a great opportunity for Year 8 pupils to bond with their dads and for fathers to meet in an informal setting. They all agreed it was a fun activity which was very enjoyable for everyone and a chance to learn new skills and bring the results home to share with the family.

Special thanks to the members of the PTFA who organised the event and helped out on the night and to Thomas Rice 9F who kindly volunteered to come in and assist the boys with their cookery skills.

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