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Fresh Water Appeal for the Zambia Immersion Project

2nd November 2020

Appeal for Fresh Water Well

The Zambia Immersion Project in St Mary’s has been providing opportunities for our students and school community to contribute to improving the lives our adopted communities in Lusaka, Zambia since 2002.

In this time, we have never received an urgent appeal for assistance, as all necessary projects are identified and planned for collectively.

On this occasion, however, we have been asked to specifically fund-raise to provide a fresh water well for the Home Of Hope Orphanage, who’s fresh water supply is now subject to a huge annual bill and is at risk of being cut off should this bill not be paid.

To do this, the St Mary’s Parent, Teacher and Friends Association have set up a crowdfunder page  to help reach this crucial target of £2,500.

Please have a look at the page and give what you can, and please share the appeal on your own social media channels.

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Raymond Herron
Senior Teacher
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