• To develop a critical awareness of the nature of politics and the relationship between political ideas and political institutions.
  • To develop an interest in and an engagement with current affairs.
  • To acquire knowledge and understanding of political structures in Ireland, the UK, and throughout the world.


The Course is Suitable If:

You have an interest in current affairs and wish to progress to third level education in any of the career areas listed below. Students need to have a basic level of literacy skills and a good work ethic in order to maximise their potential in this subject.


What Will I Study?

AS Unit 1 - The Government & Politics of Northern Ireland

The Structures of NI Executive & Assembly and policy positions of the major parties.

AS Unit 2 - The British Political Process

The composition and remit of the British cabinet and Parliament.

A2 Unit 1 - Comparative Government USA/UK

The US Constitution and a comparison of Prime Minister and President, Parliament and Congress.

A2 Unit 2 - Political Power

The variants of power such as coercion, authority, etc. The theories of power such as Marxism, Elitism, Pluralism and Feminism.


How Will I Be Assessed?

Both AS exams take place in the Summer of Year 13.
There is no coursework and no January module in Year 13.
Students may avail of the opportunity to resit the exams in Year 14 if necessary. Linear exams are the norm.
The Northern Ireland Unit is worth 40% of the total AS marks while the UK Unit is worth 60%.
The weighting of AS is 50% of the total marks for the full A-Level.


What Skills Will I Gain Studying This Subject?

Critical thinking skills, reading and writing skills. Analysing evidence and assessing its value. Constructing an informed opinion based on factual evidence and being able to engage in political debate.


Some Careers Where This Subject is Useful:

  • The Civil Service
  • Teaching and Lecturing
  • Journalism and Media
  • Law
  • Advertising
  • Diplomatic Services
  • Pressure Group/Lobby Group Professional
  • Researcher
  • Politician


Where Can I Find Out More?

  • Mr T Murphy (HOD) / Mr P Tully
  • School Website
  • NICEA Government & Politics microsite