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Message from UCAS for Year 14 students

10th June 2021

UCAS have asked us to pass on the message below as a small number of our Year 14 students (along with many other UCAS applicants) have been affected by an issue arising in the UCAS system. Please note that UCAS have assured us that no students will be disadvantaged by this issue.

Students affected should check their school email – further updates will be passed on as we receive them.

Some UCAS Undergraduate offers have been automatically declined in error

We’re aware some applicant offers have been automatically declined in error before today’s deadline.

We’re working to fix this urgently so your students offers will be available for them to make their replies shortly. We will let you know as soon as they become available and they can start making their replies.

We’re sorry for any concern this has caused. Please be assured they will not be disadvantaged by this error.


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