Careers Education – CEAIG



The Careers Department in St Mary’s, alongside subject teachers and external agencies, offers a wide and varied range of Careers Education Information and Guidance. Our main role is to help our students develop self-awareness, career awareness and career management skills so they can make informed choices about their future pathways. It is not essential that every pupil leaving St Mary’s has identified a specific career ambition, but that they will have the knowledge of skills and qualities they possess, know how to research their career options and the choices that are available to them. All pupils are made aware of the presence of a school Careers Adviser who is available five days a week.

Great significance is placed on one-to-one careers guidance opportunities throughout school and the provision of work shadowing placements and work related experiences.

The Careers room is open to all pupils for research and consultation. They have access to information on all occupational areas, labour market information and matters such as student finance, apprenticeships, gap years, voluntary work, University applications, FE colleges and training schemes.

Through the careers department in Year 8 pupils:

  • Participate in a careers education programme during form period;
  • Are provided with the opportunity to identify individual skills, qualities, strengths and aspirations;
  • Participate in career talks throughout the year, with a particular focus on careers relating to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM).

Pupils study Employability for 12 weeks as part of Learning for life and Work. They explore:

  • The changing world of work;
  • Aspects of the global economy;
  • Entrepreneurship.